Del Toro takes on Deadman

With the eagerly awaited Pan’s Labyrinth only just unveiled and more than a little buzz surrounding its director right now, Warner Bros have moved quickly to snap up Guillermo del Toro for a new project.

Deadman is from DC Comics and follows the tale of Boston Brand, a big top trapeze artist who is murdered in the big top..

Brand is dead but he has the power to possess the living while he hunts for his killers and basically rights wrongs, fights for truth, justice and… you know the rest.

Tapping the keys is newbie scribbler Gary Dauberman. No word yet on casting but depending on how quickly GDT can turn it around, 2008 is looking to be chock-full of superheroes what with Iron Man and The Dark Knight already marking our cards.

Del Toro is expected to begin on Deadman after completing Hellboy 2 and 3993, a fantasy horror set in 1990's Spain.

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