David Fincher will only direct Steve Jobs biopic with Christian Bale in the lead

Not so long ago we brought you the news that David Fincher was reportedly on the brink of reteaming with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to direct a new biopic of Steve Jobs.

Now according to The Wrap (opens in new tab) , Fincher is still interested in the project, but won’t even consider taking the director’s chair unless Christian Bale is cast in the leading role.

The report doesn’t disclose whether Bale himself is interested in the role, although it’s probably not too unkind to say that he would represent a more compelling choice than Ashton Kutcher.

Having teamed up with Fincher on The Social Network , Sorkin’s script is said to be broken down into three 30-minute scenes, each of which focuses upon a key moment in Jobs’ career.

Fincher is reportedly still in discussions with the studio, and if an agreement can be struck, an early 2015 start date is thought to be likely. Over to you, Sony…

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