Charlize Theron's hot for The Burning Plain

Given that he still seems to be in a huff with old mate Alejandro González Iñárritu, and has been saying for some time that he wants to grab the megaphone himself, it seems only natural for Babel screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga to be announcing his directorial debut.

And he’s already got one star attached- Charlize Theron will star in The Burning Plain a drama that, unsurprisingly will feature his trademark interconnected plots: "There are very intense love stories here that take place in different places and times, with characters trying to find the healing powers of love, forgiveness and redemption," Arriaga told Variety.

Theron has nabbed the role of Sylvia, a woman struggling to resolve her issues with her parents after a troubled childhood. Arriaga will start filming this November, and let’s hope he doesn’t argue with the director this time. Though we’d pay to see that argument…