Cary Fukunaga to adapt Stephen King's It

Cary Fukunaga is planning a remake of It , the classic Stephen King novel, famously adapted for the small screen back in 1990, with Tim Curry playing the fiendish Pennywise the clown.

Fukunaga plans to convert the three-hour TV movie into a pair of big-screen episodes, with he and co-writer Chase Palmer currently working on boiling down the 1,104 doorstop into a workable script.

The story tells the tale of a group of childhood friends who join forces to fend off a malevolent entity preying on children. Said entity appears to each individual as the thing they fear most, but is most commonly seen as a hideously grinning clown.

Even as adults, it becomes clear that It hasn't fully been defeated, and the boys (now men) are forced to reconnect and face their fears once more. Turns out they're still scared of clowns, as any sane person would be.

How Fukunaga plans to split the story in two remains to be seen, although the shift between childhood and adulthood could provide a natural place to separate the two sections. No release date has been floated as yet, and with plenty of writing for Fukunaga and Palmer to get their heads around, it may yet be a while away...

George Wales

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