Buzz Uncut: Jerry Bruckheimer talks about...

Movies take forever to get made so I love the speed of television. You pitch an idea, they say yes to a pilot; you produce the pilot and within three months you’re on the air; within two months of that you know if it’s a hit! I thought TV could have a whole new feel and look; I felt we could bring something to it that wasn’t there. You see a lot of series now looking like the series we’ve done.

It’s harder than making an original film because you have to give the audience something fresh. But they don’t want it /too/ fresh: they want something that feels familiar but seems fresh. It’s very hard to do.

That was hard. Since he was a friend of mine and I saw the direction his life was taking, I felt he needed to change his ways – it was a form of tough love to try and make him wake up and see what was going on wasn’t in his best interests. But unfortunately, he had other thoughts!