Brian De Palma to direct The Key Man

Brian De Palma has been an elusive figure in Hollywood of late, having not directed a film since the underwhelming Redacted in 2007. However, he could be planning a comeback in the form of QED International’s The Key Man .

The film will follow the plight of an ordinary father who finds himself targeted by shadowy government figures who believe his body to hold the answers to a number of state secrets.

Deadline compares the project to a 70s-style paranoia thriller in the vein of such classics as Three Days Of The Condor and Marathon Man . Army Of The Dead scribbler Joby Harold has written the script.

De Palma was linked to a remake of French psychodrama Crime d’amour earlier this year (set to be released as Passion ) but all appears to have gone quiet on that front. Shooting was initially scheduled to be happening now, but the project appears to have stalled.

The Key Man has been slated to begin filming later this year. Although given De Palma’s recent track record, we’ll only believe it when he’s sat firmly behind the camera.

George Wales

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