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Tweets Of The Week

Transformers 3 talk, Kirk Vs Kirk and the greatest Doctor Who t-shirt *ever* in this weeks tweets

When used right, Twitter can be a powerful tool for marketing bods in film and telly land. Unfortunately for said bods, more often than not Twitter is an even more powerful tool for leaking out surprise announcements before the meticulously planned PR campaign deems it time.

Only last month you might remember Sam Hodges (Head Of Communications for BBC1, Fiction, Daytime and HD) let it slip on Twitter that Doctor Who and Matt Smith would be returning for 14 episodes ahead of an official press release. Well it seems Auntie Beeb have had enough, because The Guardian reports that a group of senior executives are looking to clamp down on actors, writers and other talent leaking news via Twitter and other social networking sites.

Embargoes and non-disclosure agreements are already the norm in most fields of journalism, but even still it’s becoming harder and harder to keep a secret. After all if Serenity taught us anything (except always be wary of the quiet ones) it’s that you can’t stop the signal.

Twitter isn't all about pornbots and spoiling surprises though, after all Dirk Gently star Stephen Mangan – labelled a BBC deep throat in The Guardian's story - was able to instantly correct their mistake via Twitter:


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ philfordesq Lis Sladen is nominated for Best Actress in the TV Choice Awards. You know what you have to do!

@ GeorgeTakei I am quite impressed by the graphics in video games today. But then again, I was impressed by Pong when it first came out.

@ BRIANMBENDIS It's July. The powers tv pilot is filming in july. Reality is sinking in. I want to hug @ Oeming and jump up and down

@ simonpegg Got Caprica Pt 2 ahead of Monday's DVD release. Shame the show didn't get a chance to evolve. Mind you the Cylons did %26 look what happened.

@ God_Damn_Batman Instead of seeing Transformers 3, watch a crack addict go through withdrawals in Crime Alley. It will have a better plot.

@ arnettwill Hey, if you're gonna tweet about Transformers, I beg you to employ a *spoiler alert*...thanks, no one.

@ RealReeceShears It's torrential rain outside and I'm trapped in a coffee shop. It's like The Mist. I'm just looking round to see if we've got a good cast.

@ stevendeknight One of the many reasons I love the offices at BBC America.

@ JewelStaite Somebody just told @ iamchrisjudge and I that Stargate was cancelled?!

@ BryanFuller Doctor, Doctor!


@ DamonLindelof My pitch for solving this whole "Who becomes the new manager on THE OFFICE" issue? Jump ahead six months, POST Cylon occupation.

@ RealRonHoward "sound check" screening of Cowboys and Aliens was exciting. Great score and sound design final visual fx cool

@ kevwilliamson Reading what I wrote last night. Total dreck. Must remember the rule: A writer doesn't write. A writer rewrites.

@ radiomaru Here's a little poster i made with various version of RAMONA from SCOTT PILGRIM

@ feliciaday I just read Skyrim will ship with a cloth map?! I'm so excited about this. Ultima cloth maps were my fave kid possession!

@ EddieMcClintock O.G., Pete Lattimer, gets acquainted with his new Tesla Rifle!!! ('s a secret!)

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Ok its time to reveal what we are working on "Daredevil Man Without Beer", a sobering tale of man's struggle with alcohol.

@ ManMadeMoon #Thor2 Gilliam, if he would even consider it.


@ ElizabethBanks Long live Tyrion Lannister. #teamtyrion



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