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The Hobbit to be directed by Potter's David Yates?

The Hobbit

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows director David Yates could be taking on another literary adap – rumour has it that he’s the new favourite to direct The Hobbit .

Having wrapped the last Harry Potter flick – similarly split in two in order to retain the novel’s epic (and rambling) storyline – just yesterday, the rumour mill has already kicked in as to what Yates will do next.

And according to various rumour pixies currently sprinkling their movie magic across the web, Yates is the studio’s “top choice” for The Hobbit .

No confirmation thus far, but Yates has definitely proved himself capable of taking on loved literature and delivering on-screen. He’s helmed the last four Harry Potter films, with his Order Of The Phoenix in particular managing to turn a door-step book into a gorgeous piece of celluloid.

Not only that, but he’s able to handle special effects, and knows how to make fantasy look good. Could he be The One? Time will tell…

Think Yates is a good choice for The Hobbit ?

Source: [ Slash Film ]