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Temple joins Jack & Diane

Indie werewolf movie Jack & Diane has been in and out of production for over four years now.

Originally billed as an indified teen flick starring Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby (below) as the titular girls, it was reported last year that Page had bailed on the project after funding fell through.

Now British actress Juno Temple (of Year One and Glourious 39 ) has been cast in the role vacated by Page, and the film is at last prepping to shoot this May in New York City.

The film follows lesbians Jack and Diane, who meet and fall in love in New York City. But then Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country and attempts to end things.

As Diane tries to keep a hold on her new lover, she must also contend with hiding a deep, dark secret: she’s a werewolf.

Yeah, there's a she-wolf in the closet. But... Indie? Werewolves? This has Ginger Snaps written all over it. But it sounds like, where Snaps used lycanthropy as a metaphor for periods and growing up, Jack & Diane will use that hairiest/hoariest of mutatitions as an expression of sexuality and desire.

Think this is something you could sink your teeth into?