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Roth back for Hostel III

Eli Roth Hostel III

Having previously denied any involvement in the upcoming Hostel III, Eli Roth was this week confirmed as producing the third instalment of the blood-splattered franchise.

The film will take the franchise home for the first time after questionable presentations of Eastern Europe in both of the first two films.

This time round a bachelor party in Las Vegas will set the scene for the inevitably psychotic mishaps.

However, despite a change in scenery, don't expect a change in formula, with blood-soaked set pieces set to feature heavily again, albeit with less dodgy accents.

Production starts in August, with Scott Spiegel directing Michael Weiss' script, who also penned that well known horror classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth .

With a string of straight-to-DVD films to Spiegel's name, however, don't expect to see this bloodsoaked hangover on the big screen.

Hotel? Motel? Holiday Inn? You tell us...