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Richard Starkings talks Elephantmen movie

Richard Starkings has spoken out about the movie adaptation of his Elephantmen comic book series.

The series, which is published under Image Comics, is set two hundred years in the future where human-animal hybrids are being bred in North Africa. The resultant Elephantmen are trained as soldiers and killers, and are at the centre of a war between the MAPPO corporation and the U.N.

Discussing the adap with DS at the MCM Expo, Starkings revealed that the film will be a mix of live action and CGI.

"It may even involve men in suits because they did it really well in Where the Wild Things Are ," he said.

"I'm not precious - I trust the producers - but I did hold out. I had offers for standard cell animations, but I didn't want it to be dumbed down. I wanted it presented as a heavy, science fiction, futuristic, dark fantasy.

"It's in my contract that I get to write the story treatment. I didn't really want to write a screenplay because I'm so involved with putting out the comic book and I didn't want it to slow me down."

A release date has yet to be set for Elephantmen , and no director is currently on board.

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