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Reynolds and Bateman Change Up

We know what you’re thinking.

Ryan Reynolds is already appearing in two gargantuan comic book flicks this year ( Green Lantern and Deadpool ), and he’s linked to other projects Gunsmoke and Motorcade ... How can he possibly have time for anything else?

The best we can come up with is: he eats his greens.

That’s the only way we can explain him signing up to yet another project, this time Change Up for Universal Studios.

That, and the fact that it gives him the chance to bounce comedy clangers back and forth with a certain Jason Bateman.

The Buff One and Bateman will spar in another modern-day riff on the body-swapping comedy concept first made popular by a wee Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday way back in 1976.

The concept generally relies on two utterly incompatible personalities switching bodies, and learning how to improve their lives by living somebody else’s.

True to form, Bateman will play a responsible family man who switches places with Reynolds' lazy lay-about.

The film, directed by David Dobkin and written by Hangover writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, seems to herald a return to the slapstick comedies that Reynolds feels most comfortable in – perhaps to balance out the comic book efforts that will see him stretching his actual muscles, rather than his comedic ones.

Good call? Or time for Reynolds to change up his MO?