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Red Sonja woos Megan Fox?

Back in 2008, Robert Rodriguez revealed that a new Red Sonja film was in the works with Rose McGowan as the titular, bikini-wearing lead.

He even released a couple of very cool looking posters , such was the extent of his confidence in the fledgling production.

Well, in a case of beans being spilled far too early, the project has since languished in production hell. Until now.

Pajiba report that Millennium have offered the role to Megan Fox, who would armour up in a metal bikini (chilly) as the flame-haired heroine.

A film version of the comic book character was made back in 1985, with Brigitte Nielson in the role - she sparred with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan the Barbarian. The character is described as “the most beautiful and fearless woman in Hyrkania”.

Seems that the Conan reboot could be a reason for Red Sonja ’s sudden lurch back into production, considering these two characters are intimately entwined in comic book (and film) history. We smell a big screen crossover on the horizon.

Is Fox a good choice? She’s certainly got the looks, and she proved with Jennifer’s Body that she can just about handle the pressures of a lead role.

What do you think?