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Mr & Mrs Smith get a facelift

Remember those old TV shows that hadn’t heard of a thing called continuity, and pressed the reset button at the end of every episode?

Seems Hollywood’s gotten their mitts on that button themselves and is pressing it on some of its big name franchises that are either considered too expensive or in a (production) hellish cul-de-sac.

Sony did it with Spider-Man , now Regency Enterprises are doing the same with Mr & Mrs Smith .

But wait… is this really a reboot? According to Vulture , Regency Enterprises (housed at Fox) want to make Mr & Mrs Jones , essentially cannibalising the original Smith film into something new and younger. And, yes, cheaper.

Apparently Jones will be a brand new origins story following a pair of twentysomething spies who enter into a sham marriage for cover when they finish their training. Akiva Goldsman of Hancock and I Am Legend (as well as, ahem, Batman & Robin ) is onboard to produce. He also produced the original Smith s.

Expect them to use Billy Paul's classic 'Me and Mrs Jones' as the theme tune.

Prefer Pitt and Jolie? Or think a facelift's long overdue?