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Monday Link-A-Mania

RIP Ronald Neame, Blomkamp for latest Hobbit rumour, images from The Factory, and more. It's your Monday news round-up...

Hi-de-hi campers. So the weekend has been and gone, but the news is still coming. Here’s the latest:

Ronald Neame Dies
Ronald Neame, director of ‘70s The Poseidon Adventure, died after a fall in Los Angeles . He was 99 years of age. Neame also directed 1979’s Meteor.

Imogen Poots for Fright Night remake
Heat Vision reports that Imogen Poots (the sister in 28 Weeks Later) has been cast as Anton Yelchin’s girlfriend in the Fright Night remake, being directed by Craig Gillespie. It’s good to see some fresh British talent getting some good roles.

Blomkamp for The Hobbit?
As with last week, the rumour mill is still churning out possible directors for The Hobbit . Peter Jackson, David Yates, and now Neil Blomkamp. Who’d have thought the loss of del Toro could cause so much trouble?

Knight And Day playable trailer
It might not strictly be SFX territory, but new Tom Cruise action movie (also staring Cameron Diaz) Knight And Day has a new trailer up and running . The cool thing? You can play it like a first person shooter. Whether or not the film will be any good is up to you.

Images from John Cusack’s The Factory
Whilst Warner Bros have yet to announce a release date for the film, Bloody Disgusting have managed to get their hands on a few stills of Cusack wearing a coat. Frowning at people. And standing in the snow.

New Predators TV Spots
New footage from the Predators movie is now available, including footage of the Predator de-cloaking. The spots don’t reveal much else new about the film, but it’s always nice to see more of Predators.

Puss In Boots site is up
Just when we all finally think the Shrek films are over and done with, they announce the Puss In Boots movie. Now the site is up and running , and we’ve been introduced to a new character. Just how long can they milk this franchise?

Thanks to Andy King for compiling today's news. Spotted anything else interesting happening in the world? Join us on our forum to talk about it. See you tomorrow...