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IT remake moving back to Warner Bros.

The big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It might not be dead just yet, with Bloody Disgusting reporting that the project will revert back to Warner Bros. after Cary Fukunaga and New Line parted ways earlier this week.

In addition to that, the report claims that Warner plans to shoot the film in New York and keep it as two films, two of the major bones of contention Fukunaga is said to have had with New Line. However, it seems that despite that, Warner is still expected to hire a new director.

Just why that should be the situation remains unclear, particularly since the studio is apparently still set to use the two scripts Fukunaga co-wrote with Chase Palmer. In any case, it seems that the intention is to push ahead with a late-2015 production start, with Will Poulter still expected to star as the villainous Pennywise. Fingers crossed a director as talented as Fukunaga can be brought on board ASAP…

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