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Hayter to helm Wolves flick

Hollywood movie writer David Hayter, scribbler of X-Men and Watchmen , has been attempting to get himself a spot in the director’s chair for a while.

Now, after deals to direct Watchmen and Black Widow fell through, Hayter is set to direct a werewolf flick simply entitled Wolves .

Deadline quote Hayter as calling the film “ Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without abstinence”.

The film is reported to use the werewolf concept as a metaphor for male sexual development. A bit like a blokey spin on Ginger Snaps .

In related werewolf news, Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink has signed a deal to direct Werewolves Of Reseda , an R-rated ensemble comedy horror.

The script, by Hesher story writer Brian Frank, details the transformation of a group of guys into werewolves, which somehow benefits their family. A bit like an adult spin on Teen Wolf ...

Do we really need more werewolf films, especially spins on familiar tales?