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Goldsman to remake Toxic Avenger

How to make a film in Hollywood? Have a hit with an off-Broadway musical and let the producers come to you!

That’s what has happened with Troma’s Toxic Avenger , a series of gooey, gory horror films.

Originally an ignored camp comedy horror released in 1984, the story of a janitor sap who transforms into a superpowered monstrosity after falling into a vat of toxic waste became a massive hit on stage.

The film series sent up horror films with a wink and a nod. But now Toxic Avenger has been pegged for a PG remake by power-producer Akiva Goldsman. It's like the reverse of ho spawned Avenue Q .

According to Deadline , the Hollywood big shot wants to use the character to tap into our “environmentally conscious times”.

Which would mean completely watering him down and cleaning him up for the kiddies. Who does Akiva have in mind as a model? None other than the green-faced menace in The Mask ...

Think this should be marked ‘toxic’ and shipped off to the scrapheap?