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Cube 3D is in the works


Lionsgate are set to surf the 3D horror wave with Cube 3D .

The production company are currently accepting pitches from writers on how to create a new Cube film that utilises that most recent of movie fads.

The first Cube was released way back in 1997. Directed by Splice ’s Vincenzo Natali, it revolved around a wickedly clever conceit – a group of strangers are trapped in a series of rooms that will kill them if they don’t figure out how to escape.

The film was a cult hit, and spawned two follow-ups – a sequel in 2002 ( Cube 2: Hypercube ) and an STV prequel in 2004 ( Cube: Zero ).

Clearly Lionsgate are hopeful that they can emulate the success of the Saw series. Their success will mostly boil down to if they can come up with some seriously grisly death games...