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Chris Pratt's Passengers moving forward

With Jurassic World currently stomping all over the box office and the Hunger Games franchise preparing to launch one final assault later in the year, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are two of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. They're also able to command the highest fees, which is why Sony has been stalling on their proposed sci-fi movie, Passengers.

Scripted by Prometheus screenwriter John Spaihts, Passengers has been development for some time now, with Lawrence and Pratt attached to star and Morten Tyldum in place to direct. Sony had previously been wary of the cost implications of such a project, but according to THR, Pratt's mega-success in Jurassic World has convinced the studio to take the plunge and give it the green light.

The film will follow a spacecraft making the long journey to a newly discovered planet many, many miles away. The crew are safely installed in cryo-sleep, until Pratt's character awakens 90 years early. Rather than living out his remaining days alone, Pratt decides to wake up Lawrence's character, sparking a relationship between the two.

Both Pratt and Lawrence are thought to have set aside time in their schedules for a fall start date, with a release date yet to be confirmed. With Sony now deciding it's full steam ahead, expect updates on that score sooner rather than later.

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George Wales
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