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Aronofsky ditches RoboCop?

Geeks across the online world, get ready to punch your keyboards in frustration. Darren Aronofksy might be off the RoboCop remake.*

Studio insiders have been whispering for a while now that Darren isn't as keen on the franchise as he once was - now it seems official.

When Aronofsky was asked on The Howard Stern Show how RoboCop was going, he said he was working on the script but he was "not sure" if it was still going to happen. He added "we'll see..."

Which isn't the most enthusiastic response to a question we've ever heard.

Still, there is good news; Aronofsky's boxing drama The Fighter is apparently the project he's most keen on starting work on.

We love The Wrestler and The Fighter sounds like the second part of a tussle trilogy, so maybe this isn't such bad news.

Who are we kidding - say it ain't so Darren! You have 5 seconds to comply...

* will not be held liable for any keyboard damage that just happened when you found out that Darren Aronofksy might be off the RoboCop remake.

[Source: JoBlo ]