Arnie takes his tank

There are surreal news stories to report, and then there’s the man currently running California asking a museum to return his tank so he can offer rides to inner-city kids as an incentive to stay in school and off drugs.

It sounds like we’re making it, but check that date – it’s not April yet. Nope… You see, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a used tank from the Austrian government and had it shipped to Florida (what the hummer truck wasn’t military enough for him?). He then put it in an Ohio mall’s Planet Hollywood before eventually lending it out to a military museum in the state.

But now, he wants the tank back. Why? Seems he’s run out of enticing, movie-flavoured set visits. Since he became governor, the tykes just don’t care for guided tours around Sacramento’s capitol building. So Arnie wants to dangle tank rides in front of them. Because what children in inner-city situations really need to do is learn how to drive a bloody great gun on wheels.

ABC News has the full story .