Antonio Banderas conquers all

So it’s Antonio Banderas who brought about the end of the Aztec empire? We always knew there was something suspect about him.

Okay, so he’s actually just signed up to play famed Spanish explorer and conqueror Hernan Cortes in Conquistador. Name not ringing any bells? History lesson alert: he led the fateful expedition that sailed from Cuba in 1519 and was planned to expand the Spanish Empire. After landing in what is now called Mexico, he discovered the Aztecs and proceeded to wipe them out with extreme prejudice. Some things in America never change…

The superbly named Brazilian director Andrucha Waddington is cranking up the camera in September, shooting across Spain, Mexico and South America. Writer Nicholas Kazan is penning the script, but don’t panic that he’s the man who wrote Bicentennial Man or dodgy J.Lo domestic abuse revenge flick Enough. We’re sure he’ll do a much better job this time around. After those two, the only way to go is up, surely?

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