Anne Hathaway starring in The Fiance

Anne Hathaway just can’t escape the rom com life. She’s agreed to star in The Fiance for Warners, with Igby Goes Down director Burr Steers directing.

Hathaway will take the lead as a woman who ditches her seemingly perfect fiance and cancels her wedding because she needs to take stock of her life, reports Variety .

Trouble is, her busybody parents keep trying to patch things up between her and her ex, which makes it impossible for her to move on.

Tropic Thunder scribe

Yanked out of the limbo bin after Disney shoved it into turnaround, the script has gotten a rewrite by Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen.

Steers will apparently kick off shooting in March, which the studio is hoping will mean Hathaway can move from that into its planned Get Smart sequel.

As for our hope? We’re hoping Hathaway can get out of the rom com rut and keep up with decent roles. But whatever pays the bills, we suppose…