Alex Proyas will direct Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost , John Milton’s epic 17th century poem, has long been wending its way toward the cineplexes. Now, director Alex Proyas seems to think he’s the man to give it one final push.

The Knowing director, who’s currently also lined up to film Dracula: Year Zero with action man Sam Worthington sometime next year, is looking to transform the ten-book-long poem into a 3D action film.

Variety report that his adaptation will include “aerial warfare” – which sounds interesting to say the least, especially as the poems basically about the temptation of Adam and Eve, and their eviction from Eden.

Previously, Scott Derrickson (who helmed the Day The Earth Stood Still re-do) had been attempting to adapt the poem with Warner Bros., while Martin Mull was also working on his own version.

Both of those appear to have now fallen by the wayside. Which leaves us with Proyas' action epic. If Milton had been alive today, we wonder if he’d have done the same…

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