AC/DC sound out Iron Man 2

One of the last blockbusters resisting the temptation to turn 3D is Iron Man 2, but don’t fret, because Marvel have their finger on the pop culture pulse.

Marvel knows the kids don't really want to see ol' Shell Head swooping round in 3D.

What the kids really want to see is a story about AC/DC releasing the soundtrack to Iron Man 2. Well, Christmas just came early.

AC/DC: Iron Man 2, essentially a best of release from the band that practically invented heavy metal, includes Shoot To Thrill, which was last heard blaring on the Iron Man 2 trailer.

“Music is an integral part of the Tony Stark and Iron Man experience, and we are pleased that Columbia and AC/DC are taking part in the franchise’s phenomenon," said Tim Connors, Chief Operating Officer, Marvel Studios.

If that wasn't enough, a new music video for Shoot To Thrill has been released online. Try to contain your excitement, really.

The video features footage of AC/DC on tour in Buenos Aires and clips from Iron Man 2, but there's no sign of any action that we haven't seen before.

AC/DC: Iron Man 2 is due April 19, and the movie will be released on 30 April.

Are you saluting AC/DC fot rocking on this one? Or is this the highway to hell? Speak!

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