You won't like Duchovny when he's angry...

It’s no big surprise that Munich star Eric Bana has officially removed himself from the running for a sequel to 2003’s Hulk. The hot favourite to step into the shredded strides is former X-Files fella David Duchovny.

“Hulk 2 is currently being worked on. Duchovny's name has been bought up several times. He's quite the fan too,” says Peter Cuneo, Marvel Vice Chairman.

Hulk, helmed by Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee, was mauled by critics but Cuneo stands by the flick and considers it one for the success pile at Marvel HQ.

“Hulk did $250 million worldwide box office, which is a huge box office, and as you may recall, we had tremendous success with our toy line, which was a complete sell-out, over $100 million worldwide. If you make money, then there will be sequels.”

There’s no word from Duchovny’s camp, as the dry-witted thesp is about to begin work on Jason Kasdan’s comedy The TV Set, about the life of a TV pilot. He’ll line up alongside Arrested Development's Jason Bateman and Lucy Davis, better known as Dawn from The Office.