Writers' strike ends

And so the words “fade out” and “The End” can finally – officially - be written about the 100-day-old Writers Guild of America strike that has been making us worry that the next couple of years in cinema-land would be dominated entirely by Things The Studios Found On YouTube and Uwe Boll films. And that’s not a pleasant situation for anyone to have to imagine.

The WGA membership voted 92.5% in favour of ending the strike, which means writers will be back to work officially today. The only thing left to do is for them to ratify the agreement, which will happen with another vote.

So yes, the Oscars will be 57.4 hours long and they will be star studded! Your favourite US telly will gear back up (though some shows are already being curtailed early and will be back in the autumn) and next year’s films will be full of the scripty goodness we all know and love. The LA Times has the full report on the end of the strike .

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