Woody Harrelson joins Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges follow-up Seven Psychopaths has already got a cast to die for, but that ensemble just got even better with the announcement that Woody Harrelson and Tom Waits have signed on, with Olga Kurylenko also in negotiations.

The new trio will join existing stars Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell to tell the story of a Hollywood screenwriter (Farrell) who becomes embroiled in a scheme cooked up by his friends (Walken and Rockwell) to dognap the beloved pet of a vicious gangster.

Harrelson will be playing said gangster, replacing Mickey Rourke who acrimoniously turned down the role, calling McDonagh “a jerkoff” for his trouble. Details have yet to emerge concerning the characters for blues vocalist Waits and former Bond girl Kurylenko.

We have to say, we’re impressed with this latest round of casting, particularly given that conventional logic would have put Walken as the gangster and Harrelson as Farrell’s goofy buddy. However, there was little conventional about In Bruges , so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

Seven Psychopaths
has yet to receive an official release date, but production began in LA this week, and the film is expected to arrive in 2012. Plenty of time to cast another psychopath then. By our count, they only have six…

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