WGA strike deal reached...

After months of strike, the shut down of nearly every TV show and hundreds of scripts stuck in brains, shelves or on word processors, the strike by the Writers Guild of America looks like it may now be over.

Following some feverish negotiating outside of the formal channels, the WGA board banged out a tentative deal with the AMTP – which represents the studios – and presented it to the union’s members at meetings in New York and LA this weekend. According to reports, the majority of those gathered felt positively about the deal, and it looks likely that, after a 48-hour vote, they will agree to ratify it. Of course, it’s not locked yet – but most people seem to feel Hollywood will be back to work by Wednesday.

While it’s not a perfect agreement, it does give the writers some more control over Internet revenue, which was a big part of the reason for the strike. For much more on this, hit up the LA Times’ coverage .

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