Weinsteins crack a WGA strike deal

You just knew that a little something like the Writers’ strike wouldn’t get in the way of Harvey Weinstein’s ability to make movies.

But instead of shipping a load of non-union Mexican talent (Senior Spielbergo, anyone?), the big W has, according to Entertainment Weekly done the decent thing and hatched a deal with the WGA outside of the studio negotiations./ Much as US talk show host David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants company forged a pact for his show’s writing team, The Weinstein Company will likely finalise a deal today that will mean writers can work on its movies without being considered strike breakers.

It probably won’t protect them from one of Harv’s outbursts, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Come on studios – if the Weinsteins can solve this problem easily, you lot should get your collective fingers out.

EW expects an official announcement today.