Watch The Covenant opening online

Kids nowadays, eh! If they’re not hanging around in parks drinking cider, they’re getting involved in 300 year old covenants and using their special powers to jump off cliffs… We blame the parents.

Nordic lenser Renny Harlin helms The Covenant, a horror-thriller about the descendants of a covenant of silence that possess untold powers, stretching back to 1692. The Sons Of Ipswich are four young students joined together by the 300 year old code. Each of them was born with unique gifts but when a student turns up dead at a party, events threaten to unravel the truth that their families have kept hidden for centuries.

You can watch the titles and a brief Lost Boys-esque clip from the flick on the official site, by clicking here .

A fiver says the movie is nowhere near as scary as Renny Harlin’s hairdo.

The Covenant opens on the 8 December.

source:( SonyPictures )