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Warners unleashes the Suicide Squad

Warners is taking a break from the usual hero-focused comic book adaptations, and is taking a crack at letting lose the villain-heavy team Suicide Squad on screen.

There have been more than one squad with the name over the years – the first premiered in 1959, while a better-known equivalent was created in 1987.

Basic concept? The government rounds up a group of imprisoned wrongdoers and offers them a choice – they can stay in the slammer or go out on covert missions from which they might not return.

While the majority of the baddies seem to have been largely unknown names, the movie will pick and choose some well-known names to sprinkle in for audience awareness.

Villains such as Deadshot (below) and Poison Ivy have been among the squad’s number in the past. They need another one – Bruce Wayne can’t fund all their movies.

Supermax/Voltron scribe Justin Marks has been hired to crack the script and Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin is in charge of overseeing the movie.

But can the film retain that name? It’s not exactly the most sensitive title in these terror-happy times.

[Source: Variety ]

Do you want to see the Suicide Squad unleashed? And what obscure comic team would you make a movie from?