Warner lines up Levi Miller to play Peter Pan

Warner Bros. looks to have found its Peter Pan for forthcoming origins story, Pan , with Variety reporting that the studio has lined up newcomer Levi Miller to take the role.

Miller will appear alongside Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard in this new take on J.M. Barrie's classic tale, which is set to make some rather major departures from the original text.

Garrett Hedlund is thought to be close to signing on to play a youthful version of Hook, while Warner is also in discussions with Rooney Mara over the role of Tiger Lily,

Set during WW2, the new version of the story will focus on an orphan who is abducted by pirates and transported off to Neverland, where Jackman's Blackbeard rules with an iron fist. Needless to say, it's the young lad's destiny to knock him off his perch...

With a script written by Jason Fuchs, and Joe Wright in the chair to direct, Pan will open in the UK on 17 July 2015.

George Wales

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