Victor Rasuk plans to Keep Coming Back

Call it the anti-Crank… William H Macy’s first stab at waving the megaphone on a movie finds a clean-cut Southern US teenager with a dodgy ticker. In fact, his heart is so bad that if he gets his adrenaline pumping in a state of passion or terror, it’ll literally explode. So he’s cautioned by his doctor (who’ll be played by Macy) to live the blandest and most boring life possible.

No, he doesn’t move to Milton Keynes – in fact, he goes completely against the doc’s orders and decides to reinvent himself as a bad boy to win the heart of a stripper (Salma Hayek), who’s twice his age. So much for taking it easy! He even goes so far as to pose as a recovering alcoholic at her Alcoholics Anonymous meetings just to be near her. And as for Rasuk? He plays the stripper’s teenage son, who has a bit of a problem with our hero.

Will Aldis wrote the script and Macy aims to kick off shooting in January.