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Tweets Of The Week

Robot Chicken celebrates 100 episodes, Neil Gaiman Vs a Dalek and what makes Simon Pegg squee? Find out in this week's tweets

Twitter wouldn’t be half as much fun without twitpics. No one wants to hear about the time a donkey piloted a bi-plane – after all no picture and it didn’t happen. The same goes for last week’s Robot Chicken 100th episode bash (though sadly there were no donkey driven aircraft) – hearing about the guests in attendance and cupcakes on offer is no substitute for actually seeing them:

@ SethGreen Our friend @ RealMichelleT sees @ wizmatts thru a brave drinking nite #RC100

My love @ ClareGrant & Mr BillyDee Williams enjoy the #RC100

@ wizmatts Thanks to everyone who helped #RobotChicken hit 100 episodes! Crew, cast %26 fans! Amazing night!

Nathan Fillion was there too, but best of all, Captain Tightpants brought along a pair of familiar looking pistols:

@ SethGreen Thank you @ NathanFillion for making this happen the other nite #OhCaptainMyCaptain


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ZacharyLevi Let's be honest. Aside from the couple of nut jobs and mini genocide, we'd all like to be a part of a real life DHARMA Initiative. Right?!

@ ManMadeMoon Sure many of you've seen this before, but I find it very useful when Im feeling lost.

@ TheRealNimoy Working on Transformers. Isn't it about time ??!! LLAP x

@ bonniegrrl I'm drunk on Skywalker Ranch wine. That means I am full of midichlorians, right? #drunktweets

@ steven_moffat Ohh, Doctor Who press night tonight. Nervous now... Okay, from tonight, spoilers everywhere. Duck, it's the only way.

@ KTANCH Since everyones been asking. "Get over here!" April 12th on Machinima!!! #mortalkombatlegacy

@ DamonLindelof George RR Martin is terrified of "pulling a LOST" by ending Game of Thrones shittily. In related news, my therapist just hit the jackpot.

@ simonpegg I soooo just met Tahmoh Penikett from BSG! Squeeeee!

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