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This bogus PS5 design leak is as fake as it looks

(Image credit: Future)

Hot off the official reveal of the Xbox Series X, the PlayStation Nation is eagerly looking to Sony to debut its own design for the PS5, but recently "leaked" images of the next-gen console circulating the internet today couldn't be more inaccurate. 

As reported on ResetEra, Japanese commercials for the PS5 appeared to show the full design of the console alongside its official logo and a release date of December 4, 2020, but a closer look quickly reveals all of this to be complete bogus. 

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(Image credit: Insomniac)

PS5 specs – what's inside the next-generation PlayStation console?

For one thing, that image of the DualShock 5 is in fact a photoshopped picture of a third-party PlayStation controller; we know this, because GamesRadar has the very same accessory in our offices. Either that, or we've somehow got our hands on PlayStation's next-gen game pad without realizing. If that's the case, we'd be a bit disappointed as that pad is not the best. 

If that wasn't enough, the website itself literally states the image isn't an authentic representation of the final product either, but merely a placeholder for the retailer's pre-order page in advance of the PS5's full reveal. Frankly, it's a good think this mock-up design isn't the real deal, because no one wants that thing sat on their TV cabinet. It looks like a burnt takeout box. 

For more verifiable PS5 news, check out the latest patent for Sony's controllers, which seems to suggest the upcoming platform will pivot more heavily towards local multiplayer experiences. Alternatively, team GR had thoughts about the look and name of the Xbox Series X, so check them out here to discover our first impressions. 

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