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REMINDER: is moving to a new home

You heard last week that from mid-November and our chums at are joining forces with to create an entertainment mega-site for all your film, TV and gaming needs. Lots of people had questions but we’re here today to reassure you that you will want to visit and bookmark the new site.

The reality is that all the same great content you’ve read on for the last decade will stay the same, only now it will look nicer (especially if you’re reading on a phone) and have a different URL. If you like our reviews and features, you’ll still find those on , written by the exact same obsessively passionate wordmongers behind Total Film and .

The teams at Total Film and SFX will be responsible for writing for the movie and TV channel at GamesRadar , meaning if you have no interest in games whatsoever, you can simply bookmark our channel and only see stories that are relevant to you. There'll be articles about books and comics too, of course. And if you do like games, world-beating coverage of all the latest releases, along with irreverent features that we think you’ll really like, will only be a click away. After the move to GamesRadar expect daily news along with weekly reviews and features on all your favourite films, TV shows and more. We’d love for you to join us there in November.

The Total Film team are made up of the finest minds in all of film journalism. They are: Editor Jane Crowther, Deputy Editor Matt Maytum, Reviews Ed Matthew Leyland, New Editor Jordan Farley, and Online Editor Jack Shepherd. Expect exclusive news, reviews, features, and more from the team behind the smarter movie magazine.