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Nicholson to play bachelor in LASt VEGAS?

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery. So the guys behind The Hangover must be feeling the love this year, as none other than Jack Nicholson is being considered for a bandwagon-hopping flick that’s described as The Hangover meets Grumpy Old Men .

The Oscar-winner has been approached to star in a new comedy screenplay entitled LASt VEGAS (yeah, that’s a killer for the spell checker).

Scribbled by Dan Gogelman, the scribe behind Cars and Bolt , the script follows four male friends who grew up in the ‘50s, and reunite in Vegas to witness notorious playboy Billy (Nicholson) finally getting hitched.

Of course, Nicholson has signed nothing, and this is purely a play for publicity on the part of CBS Films, who’ll be wanting to get people talking about the project.

It certainly sounds like the kind of role Nicholson would play – except he already sort of played it in Something’s Gotta Give . And isn’t the old chap getting a bit long in the tooth to be romping in Vegas getting wasted?

Guess we’ll find out when his casting is either confirmed or denied...

Fancy seeing Jack resurrect his playboy role for a jaunty Vegas caper?