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New retro Captain America poster arrives online

A new retro Captain America poster has popped up over the weekend, featuring a WW2 propaganda-style shot of Cap punching Hitler in the face.

Designed by comic-book artist Paulo Rivera, the artwork is hand-drawn - like the posters for Super 8 and The Three Musketeers we brought you last week - and is really brilliant.

100 limited edition prints are to be given to cast and crew, though thanks to the magic of the internet you can see it below:

Posting on his blog, Rivera explains how it came about:

“To prove I was up to the task, I did a Captain America poster "on spec" (which was later used as the cover to a movie tie-in comic).

“As it turned out, the job was already taken, but they liked my work well enough to commission a "vintage" poster that would be given as a gift to the entire cast and crew.”

Captain America opens in the UK on 29 July 2011 in 3D.