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Here are the best games just added to the PlayStation Store sale - The Last Guardian has 40% off

If you've still got some leftover Christmas cash, the UK PlayStation Store January sale just added a stack more games. You can see all of the new additions over on the EU PlayStation Blog but I've picked out the best of the batch below with an excerpt from our review - or some thoughts from me if we don't have one. The sale lasts until January 20 but some offers on the store will disappear tonight (January 6) so probably best to invest fast. 

The Last Guardianwas £49.99 now £29.99 (40% off).  

"The Last Guardian is a fulfilling and emotional adventure, and while framerate problems must deny it the full five stars, but there is nothing else like Trico in games. I wish I could wake up in that cave again to experience the journey fresh. Treasure those first moments, they are the start of a beautiful friendship."

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection was £29.99 now £19.99 (33% off)/£16.99 (43% off) on PS Plus 

"The narrative arc of Nathan Drake’s games pair with a technological arc of sorts, starting with the small beginnings of Drake’s Fortune and ending in the ‘climax’ of Uncharted 3’s stunning desert canyons and how’d-they-do-that lighting. If you value the craft of games and appreciate how they evolve, here’s your chance to see how Uncharted grew up."

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection was £39.99 now £29.99 (25% off)

If you fancy a trip back to the best Assassin's Creed game of all time - no, really, Black Flag is number 2 and I will fight you on this - then the remastered trilogy of AC 2, Brotherhood and Revelations is a great investment. That's £10 each for a hell of a lot of rooftop running and beautiful Renaissance skies. The cities are oddly smaller than you'll remember but they're still gorgeous to murder your way through. If you're looking for other Brotherhood-related reductions in the sale, a bundle that includes Assassin's Creeds Black Flag, Unity AND Syndicate is only £25.49 for PS Plus owners. That's 66% off. 

Star Wars Battlefront was £24.99 now £11.99 (52% off)

"Rarely has any video game pushed pure, uncomplicated joy so forcefully to the fore. As a wonderful recreation of some of my most cherished childhood fantasies (and you will feel the same, such is its universal appeal) Star Wars Battlefront is an absolute triumph."

Mirror's Edge Catalyst was £29.99 now £8.99 (70% off)

"At times it can feel amazing. The city is a large open space and exploring it at speed can have some spectacular moments. When you string together a successful line of jumps, slides - grabbing a pipe to hurtle around a corner and then leaping from a railing to fall into a roll on a rooftop 20 feet below - it’s fantastic.

Dead Rising was £15.99 now £9.89 (38% off)

"It might look like a simple game of Whack-A-Zombie, but Dead Rising brings multi-layered gameplay and tough decisions that hardcore gamers will love making."

Eagle Flight VR was £34.99 now £24.99 (28% off)

"Eagle Flight demands that you fly like a bird. Very literally (apart from the flapping of wings). You tilt your head to control where you fly, which allows for some incredibly agile, very fast movements. The end result can be utterly exhilarating as you’re flying through the abandoned Metro tunnels, virtually grazing your wings on the objects you zip past."

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