Get Lost on your mobile

Ever since flight 815 ended up in pieces on an uncharted island, there has been an embargo in place on discussing JJ Abrams tantalising TV creation. This is because everyone gets their fix from different mediums and it only takes one person to spill a theory or a storyline before an all-out fistfight breaks out… ok, maybe not, but it was some serious name-calling and everyone got very upset.

Not content with leaving you on tenterhooks in front of your TV, Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse now plan make your mouth water over your mobile. The new episodes, entitled Lost Video Diaries, will be aired exclusively on the mobile market and will feature two new characters who aren’t part of the TV show itself. Meanwhile, the telly series will leak info about the characters, with a tie-in episode being mulled for Season 2, which is currently airing in the US.

A deal’s about to be signed for the American market, although there’s no word on whether the minutes-long episodes will be available on a UK mobile network.