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First official image from Die Hard 5

Die Hard 5 (or, A Good Day To Die Hard , if we must) has revealed a first official still via Entertainment Weekly .

It’s hardly surprising that the father and son get-togethers of John McClane (Bruce Willis) and John (AKA Jack) McClane Jr feature plenty of heavy weaponry.

Jai Courtney plays the gun-toting cop’s offspring, and he at least looks the part. With his cropped hair and stocky build, it’s clear action-man antics run in the family.

Little is known about the plot, except for the fact that the pair find themselves in Russia, which will mark the first time in the series that McClane’s travelled outside of the US.

Courtney is probably best known for his role in TV’s Spartacus , but will next be seen in Jack Reacher .

A Good Day To Die Hard will open in the UK on 14 February 2013 (the ideal date movie!)