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Exclusive clip of The Monk starring Vincent Cassel

A few weeks ago, we revealed an exclusive poster for The Monk , and now we've got an exclusive clip from the Vincent Cassel vehicle to offer up for your viewing pleasure.

The Monk is a French-Spanish take on the 1796 gothic novel by English author Matthew Lewis. Vincent Cassel plays Capucino Ambrosio, the monk in question, whose pious nature is challenged by temptation - with dark consequences.

Set in a confessional, this excerpt is dripping with tension – you could cut the air with a knife in there. Check it out below:


A trembling nun, a glowering Cassel and whispered French dialogue – if that's doesn't send a shiver down your spine then you'd probably be a good candidate for the monastic lifestyle.

The Monk opens on 27 April 2012.

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