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Doug Liman updates on Splinter Cell movie

Doug Liman has been discussing what we can expect from his forthcoming Splinter Cell adaptation, and has confirmed that Tom Hardy will be playing a younger version of the franchise's hero, Sam Fisher.

"Everything about Splinter Cell will be younger," reveals Liman. "It’s a chance to come up with a new franchise that is fresher and newer and younger, and Tom Hardy is such an incredible actor."

"I’m working on the script with Tom," continues the director. "I think we have a great take on how to make an awesome film out of it."

So just how much of a nod can we expect towards the film's videogame roots? Enough to appease the fans, apparently, without being too slavish an adaptation…

"Some of the tropes of the game will for sure be in the film," confirms Liman, "but also the fun of that is when you lose them. To strip that stuff away and really make the character have to operate without it."

Splinter Cell
is currently in development, with a release date to be confirmed in due course.

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