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David Slade signs on to Last Voyage Of The Demeter

david slade

Having injected his own bloody style into the Twilight franchise with recent entry Eclipse , 30 Days Of Night director David Slade still doesn’t seem to be done with vampires.

He’s just signed on to helm The Last Voyage Of The Demeter , a period horror inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula . The Demeter, of course, is the ship that transports Drac from Transylvania to England.

Described as similar to Alien in feel (think one isolated setting and a whole lot of potential victims), the film already has Ben Kingsley and ( fittingly ) Noomi Rapace signed to provide support.

The producers are now focussing on finding a lead actor, while Slade’s signing should help the project to get some proper financing.

Considering Slade clearly knows how to handle the vamps, it’ll be interesting to see him sink his teeth into a period setting. If anything, it's got to be better than The Boat That Rocked .