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Bryan Singer thinks fairytale movies are cool

bryan singer

Bryan Singer has spoken out in favour of the numerous fairytale movies currently in various stages of production.

He’s keen to point out, though, that his own currently-shooting fairytale update – Jack The Giant Killer – has been in the making for quite some time, and isn’t just a trend hitchhiker.

“I was involved with this over two-and-a-half years ago or even longer,” the director says. “I was flirting with it almost three years ago.”

He’s all for the current trend, though, adding:

“That's cool, it's a renaissance of those kind of movies and it's cool. I'm happy to be a part of two renaissances, the comic book renaissance and now this one.

“But it wasn't intentional. In fact, I probably would have been shy about jumping into a fairytale movie with all of the projects out there now. I might have actually backed away from it.”

Jack The Giant Killer , which stars Nicholas Hoult as the titular champion, opens 15 June 2012.