Ubisoft Star Wars game: Everything we know so far

Ubisoft Star Wars game
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A new Ubisoft Star Wars game is on the way, with the project currently in the works from The Division 2 and 2023's Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora developer Massive Entertainment. Counted among a host of exciting upcoming Star Wars games currently underway, the new Star Wars project is a collaboration between Ubisoft, Lucasfilm Games, and Disney. While we don't yet know too much about the new adventure, Massive Entertainment has revealed that it will be a "new story-driven open world video game set in the Star Wars Galaxy". 

Along with Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from Respawn, there's certainly no shortage of exciting experiences in the galaxy to look forward to.  While it's likely a ways off just yet as Massive works on the Avatar game, read on below to find our Ubisoft Star Wars game wishlist. 

Ubisoft Star Wars game wishlist

1. A fully explorable Star Wars universe

Star Wars: Eclipse screenshots

One reason Quantic Dream's Star Wars: Eclipse is so anticipated is its promise of an adventure across the Star Wars galaxy (Image credit: Quantic Dream)

As Cory Barlog tweeted back in December 2020, there's a burning desire amongst Star Wars fans for a single-player game that has you "flying your ship from system to system picking up bounties". While Barlog's Tweet details a game that centers around the Mandalorian, most Star Wars gamers would be happy with an explorable Star Wars universe, period. That's why the Fallout: New Vegas Star Wars mod is so wildly popular, as it gives players the chance to fully explore and immerse themselves in a Star Wars RPG. And that's ultimately all we want to enjoy with the power of ray-tracing and better SSDs in PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC - a fully explorable Star Wars universe that we can get lost in. 

2.  A bevy of weapons

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There's more to Star Wars than lightsabers, but nobody tell that to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Kal Kestis.  (Image credit: EA)

One of the reasons Star Wars 1313 captured the collective consciousness of the gaming community was that it was a Star Wars game that seemed to be entirely without lightsabers. There's a collection of amazing weapons in the Star Wars world, from chic blasters to The Mandalorian's whistling birds, to the Z6 riot control baton. While wielding a lightsaber with increasing deftness in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is incredibly fun, the notion of a bevy of Star Wars weapons at your character's disposal is enticing. Imagine skill trees that let you choose to hone your craft at specific types of weapons (beskar staff, please), rather than being relegated to just using one weapon the entire time.

3. A new, fully customizable character

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

One reason Knights of the Old Republic is so beloved is because of how it let us shape our own hero (or villain). (Image credit: Lucasfilm Games)

As much as I'd love an Ahsoka Tano video game - especially since she actually goes to 1313 on Star Wars: The Clone Wars - a game from The Division creators (and any good RPG) will likely give you free rein to create your own character. What this upcoming Ubisoft Star Wars game should do is let you pick from a variety of alien species, as well, as alien protagonists are hard to come by in this universe. Who wouldn't want to play through an entire Star Wars game as their very own Twi'Lek?

4. Vehicles on vehicles

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons wasn't for the faint hearted, but it captured the feel of this universe's vehicles like nothing else. (Image credit: EA)

Give us podracing give us speeder bikes give us AT-ATs and so much more. Let us use the smorgasbord of spaceships to travel between planets, and navigate the surface of those planets with the occasional land-based vehicle. We may have Star Wars: Squadrons to scratch our dogfighting itch, but there are few Star Wars games that let you get behind the wheel of a speeder or an AT-AT for more than a few moments. I'd love to zip from waypoint to waypoint aboard a custom speeder, especially if this upcoming Ubisoft Star Wars title has maps the size of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. If the maps are more Division 2 size, then that just means we'll get a better chance to explore much more detailed cities, rather than the somewhat barren cities of Valhalla. Either way, we should have a bevy of vehicles at our disposal. 

5. An interesting setting

There is so much scope and possibility in Star Wars, and we'd love to see Massive Entertainment tackle a setting outside of the originalmovie cannon. Honestly, just get as far from it as possible – that's one reason why Star Wars: The Old Republic has been such a delight. From The High Republic to the Rise of the First Order, there's plenty of Star Wars eras Ubisoft should really consider here

While we wait for more information on Ubisoft's new Star Wars game, why not dip back into one of the best Star Wars games that you can play right now. 

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