What Star Wars Outlaws planets and locations are in the game?

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What Star Wars Outlaws planets and locations will we be visiting when the game comes out? Star Wars' worlds have a massive impact on its story, as each planet or moon tends to be very much associated with one or two big ideas - the factory world, the city world, the jungle world and so on. Consequently, knowing what planets and locations are lined up for Star Wars Outlaws can tell us a huge amount about what we can expect to confront within them. Below we've amassed every revealed planet in Star Wars Outlaws, as well as what that tells us about the upcoming smuggler's saga.

All Star Wars Outlaws planets and locations revealed so far

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At time of writing there's five planets in Star Wars Outlaws that have been revealed (well, four and a moon), though the degree to which some are involved in the game remains to be seen, whether some are just referenced or will be fully explorable. We've got all the known details below so far, as well as what we can extrapolate from them.

  • Tatooine
    • Arguably the most iconic world in all of Star Wars, the desert planet where Luke and Anakin grew up will be a major location - though not because of them. It seems like Tatooine will be pretty important to the story of Outlaws, in large part because of its association with criminal organisations like the Hutts - we've seen Jabba himself coming up in promotional material (the game is set just before his strangling by Leia in Return of the Jedi).
  • Toshara Moon
    • The Moon of Toshara is a wholly new location for the Star Wars canon invented specifically for the game, "built from the ground up with the scoundrel fantasy at its beating heart", according to this behind the scenes video. What we see of Toshara depicts Savannah-like plains, and in an interview with StarWars.com, Creative Director Julian Gerighty said that it also has a huge city called Mirogana, and multiple settlements, suggesting this'll be a massive location.
  • Akiva 
    • Mentioned in the same StarWars.com interview above, Akiva is a planet with a foundational lore in the Aftermath novels. A jungle planet, Akiva is most known for its droid factories - it's possible that your robotic partner ND-5 has their origins there. Gerighty says that "The atmosphere in the cantina that we have there, called the Alkazar, is phenomenal. It has a huge tree in the middle of the cantina. It's beautiful. There are patrons there that you will get to know and get to know well. It's a really special place."
  • Kijimi
    • Kijimi has been both seen in trailers and mentioned in the Gerighty interview. Those who saw The Rise of Skywalker might remember it as the frigid world where smuggler Zorri Bliss is met for the first time, though this encounter will take place long before then. In Star Wars canon, Kijimi started as a holy place before repeated bandit attacks drove out the more devout inhabitants, and later on reduced it to a criminal hotspot. Bad for the faithful, but probably a good place to check out if you're a roguish type looking to make some money.
  • Canto Bight / Cantonica
    • Remember Canto Bight, the gambling world reminiscent of Monte Carlo in The Last Jedi where Finn and Rose go? At this point in Star Wars canon it's called Cantonica, and historically what begins as a wasteland and safe haven for criminals will eventually draw in enough power and wealth to elevate it into a luxury resort for an elite few. Basically, this is where the really wealthy criminals hang out. It's confirmed on Ubisoft's official page for the game that protagonist Kay Vess is from Canto Bight, as is another character, Sliro, leader of the Zerek Besh crime syndicate.

It's also worth mentioning that certain worlds are going to emphasise different gameplay elements. In an interview with Famitsu, Gerighty said that "[Star Wars Outlaws] was developed with the idea that each planet offers a different gameplay experience. For example, in Toshara you can explore the wilderness on a speeder bike, or on another planet you can become a thief working behind the scenes in the city." 

It's possible we'll see more details and worlds emerging as we get closer to launch, though it's worth stating that in the Famitsu interview it was stated that there weren't a huge amount of worlds present within the game, as Outlaws doesn't use any kind of planet generation system akin to Starfield. Instead, the focus seems to be on more structured, set experiences.

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