Tron viral kicks off

The latest viral marketing for a big studio release - in this case, Tron - has kicked off.

We at love a good viral, and this latest one certainly ties in well with Tron.

Coins have been sent out bearing the legend "Flynn's Arcade" have been sent out and the package included a memory stick bearing an animated .gif file hiding a code.

Thanks to some diligent work across the pond, the code has long been cracked and two new websites are online - Flynn Lives and Home Of Tron.

The first chronicles Kevin Flynn's "disappearance" following the events of the original movie (which those might remember also features the arcade run by the man himself).

The other is dedicate to the arcade itself.

There's also a countdown to this coming Thursday evening and information has surfaced about an address near the San Diego Convention Center, where, coincidentally, Comic Con will be happening.

Total Film will naturally be attending (two of our crack team will be there starting tomorrow), so we'll report on any developments.

They've got plenty of time to develop this thing - Tron doesn't hit cinemas until 2011...


[Source: Slash Film ]

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